Challenger Preschool


Are you one of those parents who got the “Your Baby Can Read!” program for your baby, or practices Phonics flash cards and tries other exercises that help with brain development? Do you seek out articles on How To Raise a Smart Baby? Think about omega-3’s and other brain-boosting superfoods for your child? Good news! You’re starting your on a great journey toward life-long success. Many experts advise that the first 5 years can be the most important to prepare your child for life!

– Your Baby Can Read!
– How to Raise a Smart Baby
– Brain-Boosting Exercises
– Phonics
– Addition, Subtraction and More
– Group Time
– Fun, Music, Games, Art, Theatre and Play!

I started my grandchild at Challenger Preschool at 2-years-and-9-months. After potty training and active learning, she was ready for a great 5-day preschool. She was evaluated and accepted to the program, and it was the best thing for her. The teachers there kind and patient, but also are experts in getting amazing results with young students. Before I knew it she was reading and doing math, and leaning something I didn’t get till middle school. And having fun while she was at it! Nap time and snack times too. When she tested at other private schools, her scores were off-the-charts and she remains quite advanced today, at the top percentile. I also love their preschool playground, fun games and creative arts projects.

In the 2016 Iowa Assessments, Challenger Kindergarten Outscored 98 of 100 test takers. Other schools are playing catch-up. Challenger Preschool really gave grandchild the extra edge to excel.

Challenger school is offering a 15% referral discount program.* This is a great opportunity for a great Preschool!! Looking for a family to partake in Challenger school 5 day program two-way Referral Tuition Discount. 15% discount! If you are looking to send your child to an amazing 5 day Preschool program this is a great place! Applicable for Preschool / Pre-K ( 3yr or 4 yr old). You can start as early as 2yr-9mo. Discount holds good in all branches and for every month up to 1 year until both kids are enrolled in school. We each receive 15% off monthly tuition, so its win-win situation for both of us. It is actually quite a great savings – about $200+ per month for both of us. Please contact me by text or email if you’re interested.

* You would have to list MY NAME as the person who referred you in your Challenger Preschool APPLICATION.