Kim Kardashian West’s Impressive Skin Regimen Sets a High Standard – Laser Skin Tightening Snapchat After Tummy Tuck


Jennifer Lawrence is unsure if her friendship with Kim Kardashian West is one-sided. It’s easy to see how she could feel lost among Kardashian’s 100+ million social following. Perhaps she’s feeling jealous of Kardashian’s beauty. Either way, it takes a trendsetter to be confident enough to make one of Hollywood’s elite A-listers feel unworthy.

Kim Kardashian has always bucked Hollywood tradition. While it’s taboo for most stars to admit they’ve had cosmetic surgery done, Kardashian wears her treatments like a badge of honor. The socialite and TV personality discusses her procedures all over TV and social media, which includes Botox, skin tightening, and a tummy tuck.

In fact, she even posted a clip of herself during prep for a non-surgical tummy tuck on Snapchat. People aren’t typically so open about any type of medical procedure, much less cosmetic ones. Kardashian proudly shares her experiences with her followers, though, as seen in the above video.

It’s not easy to stay looking so beautiful, especially after having two kids. Kardashian had her belly button tightened and stretch marks removed post-pregnancy. She then chose to have a surrogate give birth to Chicago, her third child with rapper Kanye West.

But is it possible to stay as gorgeous as Kardashian without surgery?

Beauty Without Surgery

Kaitlyn Frey, a Style and Beauty editor at People magazine recreated Kardashian’s skin regimen for two weeks. The first step was getting a red-carpet facial. This includes a non-invasive laser skin tightening treatment.

Skin tightening around the neck and face area is a common procedure. It requires three treatments, each about a month apart. The treatments are nonabrasive, FDA-approved, and safely reduce wrinkles. The lasers stimulate collagen growth under the skin. This smooths out wrinkles and helps strengthen skin tone for a tighter, younger look.

Laser skin tightening reduces sags in the skin too. It’s often used by older people to remove unwanted skin sagging around the neck and chin area. It’s an instant way to revitalize the skin. Think of it as the reset button that kickstarts your beauty transformation.

After the laser treatment, several products are used to maintain the effects. The first is a moisturizing face mask. Hydrated skin is more elastic and glows. Niod, Burt’s Bees, Garnier, and Origins all have great hydrating face masks. Peter Thomas Roth’s cucumber gel mask is great too.

From there, Kardashian uses a dozen different creams, serums, concentrates, and toners to keep her skin looking its best. Once your skin is its most beautiful, it’s ready for Kardashian’s own line of makeup and cosmetics. In fact, you might just be glamorous enough for Kardashian’s “Glam Masters.”

Kardashian popularized the contoured look and her new reality show, hosted by Laverne Cox, challenges beauty bloggers to create their own themed looks. Viewers are sure to tune in to see if these beauty bloggers can recreate Kardashian’s success.

You can find out yourself on the “Glam Masters” premiere on Lifetime. In the meantime, check out what happened when several staffers tried recreating Kardashian’s contoured look using her own cosmetics line. It takes practice and patience to achieve the look. It’s not impossible, however, so keep trying. And if it’s still not working, consider laser treatment.

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