Michael Costello’s Laser Treatment – ‘Project Runway’ Star Shares Laser LipoStory!


‘Loved the slinky lacey gowns in Michael Costello’s Fall collection this year. For those who haven’t seen his work, Michael Costello is a very popular Project Runway designer. He is widely known for his super fast sewing technique. Michael is one to takes fashion and grooming quite seriously, and seems to look his best at all times. That’s why I was excited to hear about Michael’s laser lipo. I wondered which treatment he chose for weight loss surgery and was excited to see the results. I learned that weight loss surgery was something that Michael wanted to do for quite some time. He works very hard to ensure that everything looks and feels amazing all the time. That’s perhaps why he focused on getting laser liposculpture; and he got that right after his tummy tuck.

Michael Costello shared his story of the personal struggle he’s had with weight with his many fans, letting us know we’re not in this alone. On his michaelcostello Instagram he shares a particularly telling moment that begins, “This is me 1 year ago.” . Michael’s instagram post goes on to share his feelings about going from 163 lbs. after his weight loss surgery to 185 lbs. a year later. I think he’s a beautiful man regardless of weight. Though his personally desired weight has been described as the “Skinny B***” standard.

What is Laser Lipo?

Following a tummy tuck Michael got a Laser Liposculpture treatment, also known as Laser Lipo. The treatment was selected to target what seemed to be a few “pockets of fat” remaining after the tuck. He was said to have selected this method for it’s faster recovery times and relatively less invasive technique. Rather than liposuction, Michael chose to go with an AirSculpt system. This system is said to use a laser to melt the fat, making it easier to suction out. While traditional Liposuction may take perhaps 6 months to fully heal, Laser Lipo uses a smaller incision (about 2mm) and may take only 6 weeks to heal. One extra benefit plastic surgeons tout is that with this laser lipo treatment method you also may have the option to reuse your own fat – for a Brazilian Butt Lift for instance.

What about Laser Body Sculpting?

Laser Lipo is different from the Body Sculpting laser treatment that we provide at our office of Dermatology. Patients who are working on their weight and want to loose that last bit of fat pooching out on their stomach or thighs may benefit from Laser Body Sculpting. Patients typically say that they are looking for help getting “that last 10 lbs. of stomach fat” or working off that last ten percent, but prefer a no surgery procedure with little downtime. With this Body Sculpting technique advanced, focused radio-frequency (RF) energy is used to target fat and tighten the skin. This treatment has been shown to give good results toward improving the appearance of cellulite, reducing dimpled skin, and reversing loss of elasticity. Body Sculpting invasive, non-surgical alternative, especially for problem areas. Recovery times are very good, and most can usually return to work that same day.

Either way you go, there are some great options out there these days and many can work together, hand-in-hand. For instance some of our patients visit Dr. Vincent Lepore or Dr. Agheg Yenikomshian for their Liposuction or Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery also in Good Samaritan Center, and then walk over to our office to supplement with for their Body Sculpting and Dermatology facial treatments at our office.

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