The Secrets to Miley Cyrus’s Perfect Complexion


She’s in her 20’s now, but Miley Cyrus has been a celebrity for over a decade already. The singer and actress came a long way from her Hannah Montana days. Her look evolved through the years too.

Cyrus is known for pushing the boundaries of fearless beauty. Her performance looks are the subject of both awe and criticism. Much like her breakout Disney Channel character, she’s a different person at home than on stage. Although she’s a glittery queen on stage, Cyrus prefers a more toned-down look offscreen.

She’s also getting more mature in adulthood, dropping the over-sexualized version of feminism that filled the headlines of her younger years. Instead, she uses her influence to show girls and young women how to be beautiful on both the inside and out. And unlike her on-screen character, Cyrus has never been afraid to showcase her zit treatments.

The Zit That Never Quits

Back in 2006, “Hannah Montana” featured an episode where Hannah becomes the poster child for Magic Glo skin care. She’s horrified when she sees a giant billboard featuring her face with a giant, tomato-sized pimple.

The character is concerned about how the world will treat her if her image isn’t spotless. But Cyrus is much different in real life. Her Instagram feed is filled with selfies showing the star using zit cream, face masks, blotting papers, and other skincare-centric photos. It makes her more approachable to the average person.

We all deal with acne, even in adulthood. Blackheads, whiteheads, and other assorted pimples and skin blemishes affect everyone at some point or another in our lives. They’re not always caused by puberty either. Acne is caused by genes, hormones, infections, diet, stress, medications, even environmental factors.

Cyrus is smart in using creams and cleansers to treat her acne. Some people choose to pop pimples with needles or by squeezing them with their fingers or tweezers. Not treating acne (or doing it incorrectly by popping pimples) can create acne scars. These scars are unsightly and difficult to remove, but there are several treatments available.

Erasing Scars

Fillers like restylane and radiesse are a temporary way to fill in depressed scars for up to two years. Injecting fat cells harvested from your body is another popular way to treat acne scars, as is bovine collagen.

Subcision and laser treatments are popular methods for removing acne scars. These treatments are more permanent than fillers.

Of course, the emotional scars and anxiety caused by going out in public with skin blemishes are hard to erase. That’s what Miley is treating when she shares photos of her own imperfections. Not only does she treat them, but she’s even known to occasionally decorate her pimples.

Instead of hiding from her pimples, Cyrus embraces them. She shows her younger fans how to be proud and seize the day like a wrecking ball, with or without acne. Miley Cyrus may have gone through a wild-child phase in her younger years, but she’s grown into one of the best role models in Hollywood.

I only wish there were more celebrities willing to show off their natural beauty. Keep on partying in the U.S.A., Miley!

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