Wedding Cake Traditions That Need to Stop


Wedding Cake Traditions That Need to Stop? Or Change Up Your Makeup Strategy.
5 Tips to Look Fresh on Your Wedding Day – Even When Mishaps Happen…

From all-female bridesmaids to throwing rice that may be an unexpected hazard to birds, some wedding traditions may be outdated.  One of those on the decline is the cake smashing. You know … when the bride and groom try to feed wedding cake to one another and intentionally miss!  Then again, I wouldn’t mind a slice of the Gucci Mane Wedding Cake, even smashed!  Gucci Main had an amazing $75K wedding cake with a ridiculous number of layers – a challenge to cut for Keyshia Ka’oir Davis (@keyshiakaoir) or anybody for that matter.  Thankfully both Gucci Main and Keyshia Ka’oir were very sweet when they fed one another bite-sized servings.

Wedding cake trends are fascinating.  I was both surprised and awed by the Pippa Middleton Wedding Cake.  Pippa Middleton and James Matthews were reported to have selected a Domino Purchas  (@dominopurchascakes) wedding cake in the neighborhood of $3000.  Domino Purchas is known for simple yet intricately layered beautiful designs, e.g., butterflies and flower petals.  If you’re also a fan of food as art, they hit the mark!

What will the Prince Harry Wedding Cake look like?  Some speculate it will be a lemon elderflower cake designed by pastry chef Claire Ptak known for her use of organic ingredients.  Tom Daley and hubby Dustin Lance Black shared a patriotic 5-tiered wedding cake featuring the new trendy drip cake style. 

This year’s trends seem to range from Russian brushstroke cake, watercolor wedding cake with hand-painted designs, and white chocolate drip cakes to more exotic sushi wedding cake, wedding cake strain (a.k.a., pink cookies), succulent cake, and even Blue Bell wedding cake.  Of course we still love our ruffle cake, square wedding cake, pink and gold cake, beach theme cake, rustic wedding cake, Hawaiian wedding cake, and traditional 3 tier wedding cake. Are you tying the knot this year? What kind of wedding cake are you planning?

So why is cake smashing becoming such a pet peeve these days?  It mostly comes down to money. After spending thousands on the wedding dress, not to mention wedding makeup and hair, it may be hard to clean up after this one.  Fondant or buttercream frosting on the lapel when you’re trying to return your black tux rental may end up in an awkward conversation. It also may make for less than perfect wedding photos of the bride and groom post-cake.

We talk about how to fix makeup after visiting the gym or after sweating, but what about after a good caking?  You don’t want your makeup to look smudged or smeared, especially on the wedding photos that will last a lifetime.  Here are some wedding make-up touch-ups tips for just such an occasion.

5 TIPS – Keep Your Wedding Makeup Fresh

TIP 1: Lipstick Correction – If your lipstick gets smudged during the cake smash, try gently applying concealer with a sponge.  Since matte lipstick has less emollient, it may move less.

TIP 2: Foundation Corner Check – Whether from cake or something else, at some point your makeup may look less than fresh and you may need a touch up.  When you do need to make a touch up, do it like a makeup artist. When you’re touching up your foundation take care to check the corners. Foundation tends to accumulate at the corners of your nose and mouth.

TIP 3: Blott, Don’t Wipe – Especially if you tend to have oily skin, makeup may tend to smear a bit throughout the day.  You may be tempted to just wipe or rub to get off the excess. Unfortunately, this may make it worse. Instead it may be helpful to carry oil blotting sheets to absorb the excess oil.  

TIP 4: Pre-Wedding Primer – In anticipation for your wedding try applying a primer.  And according to Ariana Grande‘s Makeup Artist, Daniel Chinchilla, a primer for both face and eye shadow with a setting foundation with powder can also help with sweat.

TIP 5: Makeup Setting Spray – A newer makeup product is makeup setting spray.  This can be spritz’d over your makeup to keep it from sliding. Spritz after your initial application, and definitely before the cake and first dance.  These makeup setting sprays are designed to help with sweat and oil, ensuring your look stays on without looking smudged or smeared.

Regardless of what happens with your makeup, starting with clear, beautiful skin makes it easier.  Your Dermatologist can help.

This is the advice I told my own daughter on her wedding day:  Remember that few weddings go off without a hitch. So, expect mishaps.  And when they happen take a deep breath, smile and keep moving. It’s your day!  Enjoy it no matter what.

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