What Netflix and Chill Taught Us About Beauty in 2018


As Super Bowl fever dies down and the Olympics take the spotlight, Netflix is still managing to steal a bit of the spotlight. It shook Hollywood with a sneak attack of sci-fi that runs much deeper after an aggressive release schedule. The Cloverfield Paradox and Altered Carbon have been spicing up Netflix playlists everywhere.

Adding to the excitement are a few reunions being thrown around the media. Everyone wants to know if Rosanne can still work in today’s environment.  It’s a much different world than the 80s and 90s. Even Friends may get a reboot soon, as Jennifer Aniston recently revealed.

The intertwining theme in all of this seems to be reliving times past. Of course, it’s not the past anymore. We were younger back then, and as we age, our bodies go through quite a few changes. Rosanne Barr and her cast all look great for their age, but Aniston definitely has a few beauty secrets to staying so youthful.

Although “Netflix and chill” is more euphemism than metaphor, staying inside for a spa day topped off with a glass of wine, laptop, and Netflix is a great way to reflect on what lessons there are to draw from today’s pop culture.

Our Bodies as Vessels

The idea behind Altered Carbon is that our bodies are just vessels, and our consciousness can be uploaded to the digital cloud. The idea is so interesting to people because it makes immortality an achievable dream. It would be nice if this were a reality, but, we all age.

By your 20th reunion or anniversary of anything, you’ve had decades of joy, pain, laughter, tears, and experiences that put wear and tear on our bodies in different ways. Jennifer Aniston, Rosanne Barr, Laurie Metcalf, and company all have their livelihoods based on selling their looks. They’re more aware of the way they look physically than anyone.

Many Hollywood celebrities take drastic measures to improve their looks. Aniston’s secret is a touch of Buddhist wisdom in building an at-home spa to relax in between cosmetic touchups. She also stresses drinking water and the importance of not being serially dehydrated.  It’s all about balance.

Even with the ability to complete switch or change your body, we all have a lot to balance. And that’s why we need to be careful with what we do to our bodies.

Improving Body Image

Instant gratification is what made Netflix such an attractive business model in the first place. It makes us feel better to make a decision that changes the world around us. Although there are some things we simply can’t change.

We live in a post-Aziz Ansari world, and everyone – male and female – is worried about how we look to the outside world. It used to not be cool to enjoy science fiction. Friends and Rosanne were.

Now superhero movies dominate the box office, and Hollywood is adapting to a new world of fast-paced release schedules. TV personalities and content creators are focusing on keeping their images up.

It makes some of us reminisce about days past, while others look to the future, and still more focus on the present. A careful balance of all of it is the key to unlocking personal happiness. And ultimately, being comfortable in your skin, no matter who you are or what you look like, is the true meaning of life.

We don’t necessarily instantly jump into another body, but our bodies are altered as we age. Whether scars from battles past, tattoos, fake boobs, makeup, or clothes, we all do it for the same reason – to wake up every day with pride.

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